Overview of International Service Committee

PAUR has strong programs underway in El Salvador, a Central American country with serious development needs.

Early on, PAUR decided to concentrate our limited international funds in one country which was relatively easy to visit and where we had members who spoke the language. Club member visits to El Salvador over the years have played an important role in creating meaningful support for the efforts and providing the opportunity for our members to learn about a very different culture. We also welcome our Salvadoran colleagues to the Bay Area.

Currently our work is in and around the canton of Las Trincheras, part of Caluco, a village in one of the poorest areas of the country where residents live on $1 USD per day. During our time in Caluco, we have raised their poverty ranking in-country from 240/246 to 206/246! By focusing on a community and developing deep relationships with the community as we work on projects, we have had the privilege of watching community members blossom into confident leaders with a vision for their future.

Our projects, are in response to needs identified by the community and typically involve a Salvadorian Rotary club. We work with El Salvadorian Non-Governmental Organizations with whom we have developed a trusted relationship. Over the past 10 years we have:

  • Health:  Helped fund the training of 25 community leaders and 12 health promoters. Currently there is one  health promoter in each of the cantons which makes access to healthcare viable. We also fund weekend health clinics through FUDECOM. In 2015 we raised money to build a maternal health clinic in Caluco collaborating with ESNA Village Network to complete the project. The clinic opened in November 2016. We are also helping to fund access to clean water in Las Trincheras.
  • Education: Funded 10+ Classrooms, 4+ Toilet blocks and kitchens; High School scholarships  and University scholarships; Provided school desks and furnishings; helped fund development of Casa Maya; helped fund an Early Childhood Development center in Las Trincheras; helped expand the school in Las Trincheras to include 9th grade. 
  • Economic Development: Helped local think tank fund micro-credits for farmers supplying supermarkets; invested in local shrimp farm operations and drip irrigation projects; helped build a wash and pack station for farmers.  

Funding for our programs typically comes from our club budget, individual member contributions, the local Rotary District 5170, and The Rotary Foundation. 

In 2017 we continued to expand our efforts to include assisting our NGO partners with business plan development for local entrepreneurs developing local sustainable businesses and crowdfunding campaigns on the IndieGoGo platform.

During our 2018 visit, we were informed by the Caluco Women's Health Clinic doctor, Dr. Marta, that mothers receiving care at the maternal health clinic had all live births and no maternal complications during its first year of operation.

In 2019 we partnered with Rotario Club San Salvador (District 4240, Club 7210) on a Rotary Global Grant for hygiene education for youth in schools. The project will directly help 183 students, and in turn their families.  We plan to continue supporting the health clinics conducted by FUDECOM in rural areas of El Salvador with limited access to medical and dental care, as well as finalizing the school for the students of Las Trincheras with ESNA Village Network.

An infographic summarizing our work:

Check out our videos listed on the left or go to our channel! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiYj9z7d2oCFaEuBVI1V8bg

PHOTO CREDIT: Children of Las Trincheras (Caluco) in the new Childhood Development Center with their Rotary Backpacks full of school supplies. Photo Courtesy of our local partner ESNA Village Network (www.esnavillages.org) © 2014 ESNA Village Network.