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Palo Alto University Rotary Signature Program: Book Access Plus (in partnership with Bring Me A Book)

Problem: No one can fully succeed without an ability to read. No one can read without access to books. Very importantly, recent reports from the National Assessment of Educational Progress indicate that two-thirds of students in American schools cannot read at levels that allow them to analyze and fully comprehend what they read. The implications for a well-functioning democracy are staggering.

Opportunity: Rotary International creates Book Access Plus Program to increase access to books for high-need communities plus provides a range of opportunities to increase levels of literacy.

Program Goal: To provide the knowledge, resources and tools for Rotary member organizations to leverage their members and local partners as a channel for distributing books to high-need communities, plus opportunities for tutoring and mentoring students.

Overarching Strategy: Create a web-enabled marketplace for sharing best practices and connecting organizations serving high need communities (demand) with Rotary volunteers, funding for books, book distributors and other literacy partners and resources (supply).


Access to strategies to develop early and later literacy skills

Access to vetted reading instruction and training for volunteer tutors

Access to curated book lists

Access to fostering a love of reading

And moreā€¦..

End Goal:

Enhance opportunity for all to be proficient readers and lifelong learners!