This morning at our weekly breakfast meeting, Palo Alto University Rotary had the pleasure of learning about the United States energy situation, namely the route of our energy usage, where our energy comes from, and the implications for the future, by seasoned energy expert Ted Marston, PHD, of Marston Consulting.  Dr. Marston clearly identified the gravity of United States energy consumption and how personal conservation and efficient energy innovations should be top of mind for policy makers and individuals in order to avoid a serious energy crisis for future generations.  We all know the significance of the personal decision to minimize one's carbon footprint, but what was compelling from Marston's talk was just how much energy is wasted through commerce across the country and globe, as well as through the processing and protection of energy sources.  Dr. Marston and his consulting firm fight to improve the carbon footprint of a range of companies by creating appropriate sustainable energy strategies for each.  Learn more at


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