As Blair Stewart notified the club at our Oct. 21 meeting, El Salvador has really taken a blow from the recent storms and is seeking our help.

Our International Committee has agreed to accelerate a payment of $2,000 from its budget, a plant was auctioned off for $110 at the meeting and I have received so far 2 other $110 checks. 

If you wish to make a contribution for $110 or any other amount, please send it to Mike Teutschel at the following address and he will get it to the right place for our friends in Caluco - quickly, as the need is urgent.

  Palo Alto University Rotary
  PO Box 760
  Palo Alto, CA  94302

Checks payable to Seeds of Learning are tax deductible for anyone who itemizes deductions, otherwise, checks can be made payable to Palo Alto University Rotary.

If we can get 18 checks averaging $110 we could match what the committee is doing and giver our friends $4,000.  Contributions in any amount would be much appreciated.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Thank you

Mike Teutschel, Treasurer
Palo Alto University Rotary