During the PAUR El Salvador visit in 2015, the clinic director, Dr. Marta Diaz, presented the Club a compelling request for a maternal health clinic.
The clinic was desperately needed to provide an area to provide dignified care and counseling to the women of the community. The clinic would also provide contraceptive counseling and sex education training. Upon return from the trip, the Club decided to raise the money using a variety of mechanisms. In addition to an IndieGoGo campaign, PAUR collaborated with Rotary Club Mulhouse (France) and Woodside Rotary Club to raise $30,000 to fund the building of the clinic.  
The bathrooms have been constructed and the women in the community are coming by to see the new facility. There is a lot of excitement about the new facility and what it will mean for women's health in the community.
The facility officially opened November 7, 2016!
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